Live wedding Painter jay flores 

Why I paint weddings…

The snow that late night in Cranberry Township was beautiful, and before I came to understand the gravity of my situation my car was gliding on the road at about 70 mph. As my heart skipped several beats the tires seemed to grasp the road again and I was able to slow it back down to 35 mph • Near death experience • Not really, but it was a wakeup call. It made me ponder about my late night job • My 2 girls • My wife • And God • In that one hour drive home, He answered my prayer in the last 3 minutes. He answered it through a podcast • I learned about an artist that painted her friend’s wedding as a present, but then realized that she can make other people happy as well. These paintings served as constant reminders of the couple's love for each other. And trust me, reminders do work  Especially for us husbands ;) . So, that’s why I paint weddings • In those 3 minutes, God had given me an answer on how to use my talents to help others strengthen their marriage and their LOVE.

A Jay Flores painting will

Capture your special moment in time.

But most importantly, it will stir up deep feelings within your soul.

These feelings can be shared and celebrated with just a glimpse at your painting.

It will reflect you and your magical night.

Can be treasured forever.

Things I love

My Lord Jesus.

My wife Jen and my 3 girls now! (strike 3, no boys • But I would not change a thing!).

My family, my in-laws, and my close friends (yes, my in-laws • "BLESSED").

The cinema (Breaking Bad, Star Wars, Couples Retreat • "BOOM"). 

Beer (not picky, Peroni, Heine, even a coffee porter).

Ice Mocha Coffee and Donuts at Dunkin (morning ritual before every live wedding painting).

Sand Volleyball (Clearwater Beach, Pier 60).

Disney's Osprey and Eagle Pines golf courses (we use to play during the 3pm lightning storms in Orlando • It was fun • Lucky and blessed to still be here).

Oreos (double stuf with ice cold milk).

Texas and Puerto Rico (my home, mi tierra).

Oh • And of course the reason you are here! Painting.




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