Custom Signs

Custom Event Signage / Prices start at $15 (Picture Sign ~ $200)

One of the most important details for any event - signs! Your guests will have the best first impression of your event and it will set the tone for the rest of your magical night. Make sure your guests aren’t left questioning or confused on where to go, what to do or what things to enjoy! They can be written on practically anything - chalkboard, wood, mirror, glass, acrylic... the options are endless!

Pricing is based upon the design and supplies requested. If you opt to provide me with the means for the signage then you will just cover the creative design and artistic time.  If you would rather leave the project up to my creative license, I can provide you inspirations for your design and then you would cover the cost of the backdrop for the signs, as well as the creative design. Let me know how we can stylize something special for your event!



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