Jay Flores San Antonio Studio

New modern pop artist Jay Flores has polished his visual art skills from the streets of Puerto Rico into his studio in San Antonio, TX. He takes complex cinematic icons and unveils them into the world to communicate something much deeper. He evokes human emotions like love, loss, betrayal, and triumph and presents them in a swirling harmony of vivid colors and shadows that aim for something more profound than what’s at the literal, surface level.

Jay has a knack for getting deeply immersed into a cinematic character and increasing their level of emotions through his paintings. His studio work contains a pop blend of illustration, lettering and an array of pastels and highlights that harmoniously guide you throughout the entire painting. “I love creating an art piece that my audience can stare at for hours and still be entertained with the intricacy of the details” Jay says.

As his work evolves, so do Jay’s methods of making studio time and family time. “I get very obsessed with the work that I create. It can definitely monopolize my time from my wife and girls. So, I give it its own schedule in my mobile studio... As an artist you can’t lose touch of the ones in front of you. You need to cherish the time you have with them.”



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